Founding Father

Chairman, KDS Group:

Surely every entrepreneur has an amazing story to tell: of their concepts, dreams, struggles and achivements.Their unwavering belief in their own abilities has spawned great many products and services which we have welcomed into our lives without perhaps a second thought.In this light,one such entrepreneur whose dreams and struggles have built one of the largest business conglomerates of Bangladesh,employing more than 30,000 people globally.he is the Chairman of KDS Group, Mr.Khalilur Rahman.

Starting his journey in business from 1967,his finances were modest while his belife in himself was stern.Starting form small localized business he kept on diversifying into many areas of his interests.His love for the struggling people of his area inspired him to start exploring labour intensive ventures.Around 1983,he started his major scale garments manufacturing facilily,KDS Garments,out of Chittagong.90% of the employees of that venture were those struggling people of the area whom he was originally concerned about.Just as his other businesses,his passion for success and love for the people were the key ingredients of the formulations of this new undertaking.A keen sense of determination had enabled Mr.Rahman to expand his empire to include many other large scale projects over the years such as textiles, garment accessories,steel,investment management,logistics,banking,insurance etc.Today, KDS group boasts a revenue base in excess of USD 500 million per annum. Besides new business initiatives in the pipe line,his future focus is to develop the level of education signficantly in his hometown,Potia, Chittagong and to contibute towards a future generation of better educated human resources to take Bangladesh ahead into the days of tomorrow.


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