Manafacturing Process

Auto Press Forming Process:

Multi slide forming machine is the latest technology in sheet metal forming, by which 97% of the raw material yield can be achieved with consistency and high productivity,. To compete in the market, we upgraded the pressing technology using multi slide forming or slide forming technology, by adding a multi slide press. To meet the increasing market demand we are continuously adding substantial number of multi slide forming machines origin from Taiwan, China etc.

Heat Treatment & Tempering Process:

Our Mesh belt Furnace operated with Nitrogen Atmosphere and in austempering process the parts are heated till red hot condition in a controlled atmosphere produces scale-free components with thorough Bainettic structure, a microstructure that is free of cracks and distortion, superior to martensitic structure. Afterward it is quenched in a molten salt bath. The Austempering reaction takes place over many minutes thereby resulting in gradual transformation. The transformed structure is BAINITE instead of MARTENSITE and it is tougher process. So no additional tempering process is required.

Zinc Electro-Plating Process:

Our Acid Zinc Chloride Plating plant is fully automated state of the art and positioned to meet international quality standard requirements. It can process various types of CLIPs and HOOKs for plastic hanger industry and also have the capacity to meet solely total country demand.

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